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Liner Pools

Liner Pools, Greenwood, IN

Vinyl liner pools are an excellent budget-friendly option without worrying about the lengthy installation processes and the high costs of a gunite pool. A vinyl liner pool can be a DIY project for an enthusiastic homeowner but hiring an experienced pool builder like us can expedite the project, ensuring a high-quality finish. We at Spectrum Landscape Services, LLC, provide clients in and around West Greenwood, IN, with high-quality liner pool installations.

What Is A Vinyl Liner Pool?

To create a vinyl liner pool, builders place a second vinyl liner on top of the ground. Construction includes plastic or metal panels and bracing, a vinyl liner, and a sand or cement floor. The vinyl sheet is custom-made to fit the pool's shape and dimensions before being fastened at the peak.

The bead identifies the top edge, which engages with a pre-existing track at deck level. It doesn't matter what kind of decking material you choose, but you'll have to replace the liner at some point in the future. Since this is the case, concrete decking or similar material is frequently used.

As mentioned earlier, some homeowners prefer installing a vinyl liner pool independently, but hiring a professional is usually much quicker. The walls of most pools with vinyl liners are made of thermoplastic or galvanized steel and range in height from three to eight feet. The panels are supported from behind, making for a sleek interior and walls that won't buckle from the weight of the pool's water.

Building A Liner Pool

A liner pool can be built in a wide variety of ways. The simplest form is a shell made of concrete blocks; these blocks are hollow and filled with concrete. A lining material could be added at this point, with a felt backing placed between it and the pool.

Liner pools can also be made from interlocking steel or insulated high-fiber plastic panels. It is possible to use wooden frames, like those found in log cabins, but they will only last for about ten years. We will provide you all the details regarding longevity, setup, and upkeep of liner pools to help you make an informed decision about the one you want.

Liner Pool Cost

There are three main factors that determine how much a liner pool will set you back: the price of its substructure, the ease with which you can get to the backyard, and the cost of the excavation. Depending on the location, specifications, and required preparation level, we will present you with an accurate quote for a liner pool.

Vinyl liner pools are a good value addition as they last long, require minimal maintenance, and look great too. We know that clients have specific needs and ideas and it’s why we customize our services to suit your specific needs. Our team is here to help you every step of the way with your new liner pool installation. For more information on our fiberglass pools, get in touch with Spectrum Landscape Services, LLC, via this Online Form, or give us a call at 317-777-3599, and we will get back to you within the shortest time possible.

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