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If you are planning on getting your garden or yard landscaped, it will take a lot of planning. Though some homeowners attempt a DIY project, it’s not really an easy task at all. In most cases, you will need to hire the services of a landscape designer to handle the job for you.

The Process

The landscaping process is much more than planting shrubs and installing a pathway and landscaping companies have the experience and skill to handle the job. Spectrum Landscape Services has years of experience in providing landscaping services and we understand every little aspect of it. When we handle your work, these are the phases we will follow:

  • Planning & Designing - These are the initial phases of landscaping. We will understand all your needs, style and personal preferences. We will also take family characteristics into account and then start planning your landscape for you. We will keep concepts like size, proportion, color, texture, form, focal point etc in view and create the most stunning landscape designs for you

  • Landscaping Noblesville IN Clearing the Garden - If we are installing the entire landscape, we will then tear out the existing elements which will give us an open ground to work on

  • Next is the Mapping Phase - Here, we will work on the focal point that has been outlined in the design and then create all the hardscape and softscape zones right across the property. We will also factor in areas for water features or any decorative fixtures or structures like pergolas or gazebos, in the landscaping

  • Living Soil - Next in line is creating living soil for all the softscaped areas. The health, beauty and sustainability of a garden largely depend on the quality of the soil that has been used to create it. We make use of healthy organic soil

  • Rototilling - We also carry out a process called rototilling. This process loosens the soil and prepares it for planting. All the peat and compost that has been added to the soil gets mixed well and permits the roots of the plants to grow more freely

  • Vermiculite - We then add vermiculite to the soil. The worms help in breaking down all the organic matter and add to the fertility of the soil. Resultantly, you get a more beautiful garden

  • Landscaping Fishers IN Plant Material - The next phase is the installation of all the plants. Even as we do this, we ensure that all plant is nursery certified. Using virus-free stock will ensure that your garden stays healthy. All the plant material is hand-picked and placed in a very harmonious manner as per the landscaping design and we pay attention to details like color and texture and size of plants and shrubs

Functional Landscaping

We pride ourselves on our work and are also confident about the manner in which we handle every project. All our landscaping projects are water-efficient, functional and attractive. We also offer 1-year warranty on all the plant materials that we install. Contact Spectrum Landscape Services, LLC at 317-777-3599 for the best landscaping in Greenwood, IN and the surrounding areas including Lawrence, Fishers and Beach Grove.

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