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Outdoor Living Areas

Construction Process

Outdoor Living Areas, Indianapolis, IN

We take pride in the installation of our paver patios. Every patio is installed according to engineered Specs. Our paver installation begins with the dig out. First, we mark the desired area and check elevations using a laser. Depending on the site conditions we'll either hand dig the patio or use machinery to assist us, if access is available. A typical dig out for most patios is 10 inches: 6" minimum base, 1" sand setting bed and 2 3/4" pavers. All patios are also dug out 1 foot past the edge of the pavers to ensure the adequate base and proper compaction along the edges. Before the base is installed, the soil is compacted and a woven geotextile fabric is put down to separate the aggregate base from the dirt below. Next is the base installation. Before we start this process it's important to check the aggregate for consistency. A good base will contain the right balance of fines and larger particle sizes to ensure proper compaction and stability. Once the aggregate is moved into place, we wet it down to help reduce friction during the compaction process. After achieving a 95% compaction rate we then set up screed boards using a laser. This step is to establish the final elevation of the patio and create a slope to the surface of the pavers for proper drainage and runoff. We screed the base several times and compact the surface with a vibratory plate compactor. It's important that the base is done right. The surface of your pavers over time will always mimic your base. You don't want any more than a 1/8" variance within a 10' span. If you place a 10'- 2X4 board on the compacted base you should not be able to slide a carpenter's pencil underneath it in any, one, location. After proper base installation, the bedding sand is then installed on top of the base. 1" metal screed pipes are laid on top of the base and used to level the sand. When it's finished you should have exactly 1" of sand, no more- no less. Sand, just like the aggregate, contains various particle sizes so it's important that the proper material is being used for this step. Once the sand has been leveled, the pavers are installed and cut into place. An edge restraint is installed around the outside of the patio to properly secure the edge. Since the base extends a foot past the edge of the pavers, the edge restraint can be securely fastened to it. Lastly, the surface of the pavers is compacted and polymeric sand is swept into the joints to create an interlock between the pavers. It's then wetted down to activate the hardening process. Polymeric sand hardens like grout between tiles to help reduce joint sand erosion and extend the life of your patio. We finish your patio by tapering dirt up to the edge of the pavers to hide the base and edge restraints.

Outdoor Living Areas, Fishers IN

Outdoor Living Installation and Design

Outdoor living areas are one way of bringing the outdoors, indoors. It’s a great way of extending living space and you can enjoy the openness of your yard without actually being out in the open. Most outdoor living spaces will be either partially or fully- covered. This area becomes a relaxation zone and is the perfect place to enjoy some leisure time with your family and friends.

No matter what the size of your yard, outdoor living areas will work much better if traffic patterns ate established. This can be done in numerous ways. Spectrum Landscape Services has designed hundreds of outdoor living spaces.

Our Outdoor Living Services

We create stunning and functional outdoor living areas that can have fully-equipped outdoor kitchens and casual and comfortable outdoor furniture. The things that are taken into consideration are:

  • Design - This is a crucial phase of creating outdoor living areas. We take time to understand what your requirement is in terms of the number of people that you wish to accommodate and the exact look that you have envisioned. We take into account factors such as how elaborate or simple you want it to be and what kind of patio furniture you prefer
  • Excavation - Once we have worked through the design process in detail, we will move on to the excavation phase. The designated area will be measured and excavated as required
  • Geotextile Fabric Installation - Once we have a smooth, firm and clear space to work on, we will lay a geotextile fabric in that area. This will prevent any aggregate from settling there. This area will then be backfilled, and the stone/paver flooring will be installed and then compacted till it gets set firmly on the ground
  • Outdoor Living Areas, Bargersville IN Seating areas - Once the base is in place, the sitting walls will then be constructed. The required bedding with high-quality outdoor fabric can then be placed in this seating area.
  • Kitchen Area - The kitchen area will be constructed and the equipment and grills will all be positioned as per the design
  • Pergola - A pergola is a very popular outdoor structure, looks elegant and lends shade to outdoor living areas. If it is a part of the design, it will be installed next. Since it is exposed to the elements, it will need protection and we will then stain it with a high-quality exterior wood stain. This protects it from the harsh environment and keeps it looking new for years to come. Creepers can be grown along trellises and they can eventually cover the top of the pergola.

The Best Workmanship and Attention to Detail

With all the hard work being taken cared of, you can now sit back and enjoy the outdoor living areas in your home. You can also add water features or sculptures to accentuate the design of the newly created space. We provide a 5 years workmanship warranty on all the hardscaping work. Contact Spectrum Landscape Services, LLC at 317-777-3599 for the best outdoor living areas in Greenwood, IN and the surrounding areas including Zionsville, Fishers and Noblesville.

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