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Pergolas Noblesville IN

A pergola provides a sheltered area in your garden or yard and is the perfect place to relax and entertain guests. A gazebo performs the same function and one is commonly confused with the other. But these 2 structures are different in their overall appearance and the amount of shade they offer.

Pergola Design and Installation Experts

Pergolas might also be referred to as arbors and since they are largely open structures and they do not provide protection from sun and rain. Spectrum Landscape Services has a lot of expertise in designing and installing pergolas. Once we have understood your requirement we focus on:

  • Size - The size of the pergola will be dependent on the area that is available as well as the amount of living space that you need. Today, it is also possible to get a pergola kit but the custom ones can be styled as per your requirement

  • Material - It is important to choose the right material. These structures are generally made of wood though some people also opt for wrought iron ones. Picking the right material is very important as the wood choice will affect its color, overall look, longevity, and its design.

    Pergolas Indianapolis, IN By far, Cedar, cypress and redwood & pressured-treated pines are the most commonly used woods for pergolas. Cedar contains a natural chemical compound that makes it weather, moisture, insect and mold-resistant and it has a pleasing odor. This makes it better than any pressure-treated wood. We also use stainless steel hardware like fasteners which ensures that there will be no bleed-out onto the wood

  • Finish - Most of these woods can now be ordered either in a "rough sawn'/ 'smooth sawn” state. They are generally less expensive than any smooth-sawn wood, as the latter has to be run through a planer to transform it into a smooth-sawn. The choice you make is strictly personal- rustic vs. finished. Although either of these styles can be coated with a tinted or a clear sealer, the rough-sawn woods are largely left unsealed while the smooth ones are sealed

  • Treatment - Since pergolas are exposed to the elements, they have to be treated with weather-resistant exterior sealants. In order to ensure the longevity of the structure, it is best to opt for a treated post with Cedar wrap versus a solid cedar one. It will last longer and look more ornate and bold

  • Pergolas, Bargersville IN Design - The side and the top will generally be open. These rectangular or square structures might have lattices that are covered with vines. They are largely cosmetic in nature and are used to highlight the beauty of the plants and the hardscape that surrounds them. Unlike arbors, the tops of pergolas are generally flat, with beams or slats running across them

  • Furniture - If they are large enough and segregated, patio furniture or any other outdoor furniture can be placed underneath them

All our pergolas are structured to perfection and we also notch all the joints so your pergolas will never sag, twist, warp or shrink. Contact Spectrum Landscape Services, LLC at 317-777-3599 for the best pergolas in Greenwood, IN and the surrounding areas including Lawrence, Fishers and Beach Grove.

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