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Spectrum Landscape Services has been providing the following landscape and hardscape services for many years:

Our Services

3D Landscape Designs: the best place to start when working on your landscapes is with a 3D landscape design. This allows our clients to get a really good visual idea of how the end product will look. It also gives the opportunity to make any changes before construction begins. Read More >>

Landscaping: we offer a full range of landscaping services throughout the greater Indianapolis, IN region. These services are available to both residential and commercial clients. We understand that your landscapes say a lot about your property on a whole; so let us make yours the envy of the entire neighborhood. Read More >>

Our Services

Landscape Lighting: our professionals will ensure that you have the best type of landscape lighting for the various areas of your property. We will use the appropriate lighting for various purposes like highlighting features, safety and security. Read More >>

Pavers: the use of interlocking concrete pavers from the Belgard range of products is your best bet for any outdoor flooring application. Whether it is for a patio, driveway or walkway; these paving stones will look great and also be durable. Read More >>

Retaining Walls: the market is flooded with retaining wall block options. However, we highly recommend the products listed on our retaining walls page for their pure beauty, affordability and versatility. Read More >>

Our Services

Outdoor Living Areas: our team of contractors will custom design and install an outdoor living area of your dreams. This may mean the addition of an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, patio or a pergola. Leave it to us and you will love spending time in your outdoor space. Read More >>

Pergolas: the addition of a pergola to your landscape setting can really enhance the overall aesthetics of your property. We can custom design and build a beautiful wooden pergola that will give you a space to simply relax or to entertain loved ones. Read More >>

Outdoor Kitchens: would you like to cook up some great meals outside in the fresh air instead of being cramped up inside all the time? How about building an outdoor kitchen that suits your specific cooking requirements? From simply to complex; Spectrum Landscape Services have it covered. Read More >>

Our Services

Fire Chimneys: there really is nothing like sitting in front of a warm fire on a cool evening. If you would like to do this then perhaps the installation of a fire chimney is the perfect option for your outdoor space? Read More >>

Fire Pits: another option is to add a fire pit to your landscape setting; this will give you the opportunity to have all the benefits of a fire with a little less effort. Our contractors will design and build you one from scratch. Read More >>

Water Features: if you want to add some real ambiance to your outdoor space then you can’t beat the effects of a water feature. We have all the experience and knowledge necessary to install a pond, fountain or waterfall on your property so don’t hesitate and contact us today for a free consultation. Read More >>

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