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Fire Chimneys

Fire Chimneys

Fire Chimneys are a great addition to any home. They add warmth and light and can be the focal point of the room or an outdoor space they adorn. Spectrum Landscape Services has a number of years of experience in this space and we follow a creative and innovative approach to chimney design. It’s possible to add fire chimneys to any home and you are able to choose from modular/ kit chimneys or custom ones. Both of these have their distinct benefits and understanding what they are will help you make a concerted decision:

  • Kit Chimneys - Many companies offer kit fire chimneys and most of them are available in 3-4 pieces. They can be easily set in place just like Lego/Lincoln blocks. Resultantly, they also end up looking like a fire chimney that has been put together with different individual blocks. The primary reasons why people opt for kit chimneys is because of the convenience, speed in installation and the cost factor. But the fact is that there is nothing unique or outstanding about them.

  • Custom Chimneys - For anyone who wants fire chimneys that are a reflection of their style and personality, custom is what you should settle for. But you must also know that customized chimneys are more expensive in comparison to the ones that are constructed out of kits. The style and quality that you get and the uniqueness of the final product more than offsets the higher costs of customized chimneys. If you have a specific idea about what your fireplace should look like, custom fire chimneys is the way to go.

Fire Chimneys

Once you decide that you want a custom fire chimney, the next decision you will have to take into consideration, is the type of heat.

Wood Chimney - Wood is the conventional form of fuel for a fireplace. Lighting a log fire can be very comforting and rustic and has a charm, all its own. But it can also be extremely messy and smoky. You have to ascertain where you are going to source the logs from and allocate a place to stock them. All these factors make a wood burning fireplace quite a hassle.

Gas Chimney - This is an ideal addition for small/ large outdoor areas and adds a distinct allure to a room/outdoor living space. Opting for a gas fireplace is the best option and it can be used safely in indoor and outdoor spaces. You can opt for propane inserts and a wood burning fireplace can be turned into a gas-burning one. Alternatively, you can opt for a gas fireplace and a gas line will have to be installed for it.

The Trouble-Free Option

These fire chimneys are trouble-free; you don’t have to worry about drafts and ash or acquiring and stocking of wood. You can also add a decorative log set or a log starter and your fireplace will look like a real wood burning one. Decorative grates and screens complete the look. We engineer every fire chimney to perfection and the installation procedure will depend on the design and location. Contact Spectrum Landscape Services, LLC on 317-777-3599 for the best fire chimneys in Greenfield, IN and the surrounding areas including Lawrence, Fishers and Beach Grove

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